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R&R: A Short Film

Written, Directed and Produced by Jenna Herz

R&R is a heartwarming, comedic short film about Robbie and Rachel, codependent twins trying to get by in LA. There’s Rachel, a sarcastic, raunchy, gay mess. And Robbie, a responsible, neurotically organized, hopeless romantic with Down Syndrome. Together, Rachel brings the chaos and Robbie cleans up the pieces.




R&R takes place in the span of a typical, yet chaotic, 24 hours in Robbie and Rachel's lives. Together, they do all the quintessential broke 20-something things - fill up their gas tank in $10 increments, share a one bedroom apt, work horrible service industry jobs, and of course, start a podcast.

R&R holds a special place in my heart for myriad reasons. As a proud queer artist, the importance of creating strong LGBTQ+ representation on screen cannot be overstated. And that's precisely what R&R embodies — it's queer, it boasts a lead character who's disabled, and of course, it's funny. But, what truly sets it apart is the opportunity it presents to audiences: an invitation to laugh with our queer and disabled leads, rather than at them.

Robbie, based loosely off my brother Griffin (who also has Down Syndrome), is a character I’ve never seen on screen before.  Characters with disabilities are often relegated to secondary roles, tossed in for the inclusion token. They become the unfortunate punchline for "comedic relief," all too frequently at the expense of their disability. Or, they're burdened with a narrative that paints them as helpless and pitiable, overwhelmed by their suffering. But, Robbie defies these conventions. He's a charismatic, responsible, quick-witted leading man who just so happens to have Down Syndrome.


Our goal is to raise $7500 and we're 80% there. Our initial crowdfunding campaign has ended, but if you'd like to donate to our project you can send donations below. Anything helps!

VENMO: @jenna-herz

PAYPAL: @jennaherz

ZELLE: Jenna M Herz

Checks or other forms of donations also accepted. Feel free to reach out below!

Thanks for reaching out!

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