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jj herz

Actor / Writer / Producer/ Voice Actor / Singer 

JJ Herz is an actor, writer, producer, voice actor, and singer (you out of breath yet?) Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, JJ has been performing on stage since she was 5 at American Conservatory Theater, New Conservatory Theatre, Broadway by the Bay and more. In 2021, they created, produced, and starred in the film FINAL CALL directed by Autumn Reeser, and she is currently in pre-production for her directorial debut short film, R&R. They recently wrapped filming on two three feature films, UNSPOKEN and A MAN GOES ON A KILLING SPREE (Amazon Prime) and AMERICAN SKYJACKER, coming soon. 

R&R: A Short Film

R&R is a heartwarming, comedic short film about Robbie and Rachel, codependent twins trying to get by in LA. There’s Rachel, a sarcastic, raunchy, gay mess. And Robbie, a responsible, neurotically organized, hopeless romantic with Down Syndrome. Together, Rachel brings the chaos and Robbie cleans up the pieces. 

R&R is currently in it's fundraising and pre-production phase. 


Upcoming acting

Since graduating, JJ has taken on some incredible roles including an Orthodox Jewish bride (UNSPOKEN), a murdered sorority girl (A MAN GOES ON A KILLING SPREE), and a plane hijacker (AMERICAN SKYJACKER). 

Be on the look out for these films (coming in 2024).

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