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Jenna Herz

Actor / Writer / Voice Actor / Singer 

Jenna Herz graduated from University of Southern California in May 2021 with a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in Business Administration. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jenna has been performing on stage since she was 5 at American Conservatory Theater, New Conservatory Theatre, Broadway by the Bay and more. When Jenna is not  belting musical theatre songs in her car, she's making TikToks (@jjherz) and annoying her friends and family by reciting the IMDb credits of every actor in every movie they watch.

R&R: A Short Film

R&R is a heartwarming, comedic short film about Robbie and Rachel, codependent twins trying to get by in LA. There’s Rachel, a sarcastic, raunchy, gay mess. And Robbie, a responsible, neurotically organized, hopeless romantic with Down Syndrome. Together, Rachel brings the chaos and Robbie cleans up the pieces. 

R&R is currently in it's fundraising phase. Take a look at our Indiegogo page below!


Upcoming acting

Since graduating, Jenna has taken on some incredible roles including an Orthodox Jewish bride (UNSPOKEN), a murdered sorority girl (A MAN GOES ON A KILLING SPREE), and a plane hijacker (AMERICAN SKYJACKER). 

Be on the look out for these films (coming in 2023/2024).

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